Me and my Art

I work as an Illustrator for both individuals and businesses.

As an Illustrator for individuals I take private commissions such as cartoonized family portraits, avatar, wedding invitations, pet portraits and more! Write me an e-mail or book me clicking on the button (or here).

As an illustrator for businesses and agencies I provide books illustrations, t-shirt designs, pattern designs and packaging designs.

I love color and patterns! Simple lines and a bit of drama. As for many fellow artists, Disney played a massive role in my life as a kid and a creator.

The comic W.i.t.c.h. was probably my first real comic; it blended perfectly the japanese manga style with our italian aesthetic.

Working for years in a company creating really "classic italian products with a fresh touch" I started appreciate Liberty style and art noveau, arabic decor and contrast between classic and modern, rich and minimal, empty and full.

I think that's what you should expect from my art.


Some examples of my work. How can I help you?

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Private Commission

Illustrated portrait


Venus Mermaid

Comic-book Cover

My boyfriend talks with his hair

Tarot deck

Illustrated tarot cards


Vinyl Stickers

Wedding Invitations

Mary & Eddie wedding invitations

Pattern design

Face mask

Illustrated map

Map for children and families

Pattern design

2 pattern dress


Children exercise book


Vinyl Stickers

Pattern design

Face mask

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