Marco Zerneri

Born and raised near the Lake Garda (Italy), I started drawing as soon as I was able to hold a pencil! I studied Graphic Design specializing in Prepress first and Multimedia Graphics then.

After finishing high school, I did a 3 year Illustration master at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics.

These years changed my perception of the world, art and communication. I (re) discovered my passion for communication and storytelling, craftmanship, different cultures -and mine-.

My Personality and my skills

I enjoy learning new things and I am passionate about everything related to people, tourism, culture and cultural exchange.

I love cinema and consume audiovisual material in their original language which allowed to significantly improve my English skills. This has in turn helped me establish relationships both personal and professional, globally. It greatly facilitated my work and my free time, when I had to adapt in my language material designed exclusively for Anglophone territories.

I am very passionate about women’s pro-wrestling and to show my support, I opened an Italian fansite when I was young. On this website, I did translate and adapt news and articles on a daily basis from English to Italian.

I like creative writing and I'm studying every day to improve my skills. Often times, I do produce content for my business and my clients’ websites, catalogs, flyers and brochures. I am currently writing and illustrating my children’s books.

I worked with clients based Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Japan, in the Middle and Far East, Russia and Northern Europe.

My Art

I love color and patterns! Simple lines and a bit of drama. As for many fellow artists, Disney played a massive role in my life as a kid and a creator.

The comic W.i.t.c.h. was probably my first real comic; it blended perfectly the japanese manga style with our italian aesthetic.

Working for years in a company creating really "classic italian products with a fresh touch" I started appreciate Liberty style and art noveau, arabic decor and contrast between classic and modern, rich and minimal, empty and full.

I think that's what you should expect from my art.

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